Unique Scarves with Bold Colors and Playful, Eye-Popping Prints

Hey Beautiful!

You might be wondering, just how does she create all these eye-popping scarves?

First of all, I use the highest quality mulberry silk for every scarf.

Each scarf requires the silk of hundreds of silkworm cocoons, crazy right?! Here's a fun fact: They're fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves, which is why the luxurious fabric is known as mulberry silk.

There is a certain luxurious, mood-boosting feeling you get when you wrap the soft silk scarf around your neck...

...something that just makes your eyes smile. 

It's hard to explain, let me show you!

Watch the video below to see the bold colors and make sure you check out the craftsmanship of the hand-rolled hem.

The ultra-unique quality of my scarves is every print is created with one thought...

...to bring you joy through vintage inspired glamour.

The scarf is quite possibly the most simple accessory...just a swatch of fabric, long enough to chicly circle the neck, and give you that WOW! look.

Every scarf is many to order, no mass production here.

And, because of the exquisite hand work we ask that you allow us 4-weeks to make your scarf.

Yes, I know that seems like a long time to wait, but so much care goes into making sure your scarf is perfect!

My goal is to offer you inspiring, mood-boosting scarves that are fun to wear and collect.

Let's get started on yours!

Place your order now and we'll get to work.