Square Silk Scarf: How to Style It...3 Ways for Any Size Scarf

Want a super-easy way to add instant style to all your outfits, from weekend shorts and a t-shirt looks, to dressed up outfits for the office?

Whether you're new to wearing scarves or been rockin' them for years, these three styles are your go-to.

Beautiful, it's as simple as folding a square silk scarf in half to form a triangle, then wrap it around your neck, so the point is downward.

Knot the loose ends together at the back, and voila! The chic Bib Knot.

And, it makes an awesome statement necklace to, don't you think?

The great thing about this style is...

...it works with any size scarf

Zhoosh the point of the scarf to the side and you've got the cool Asymmetrical Wrap.

This is a hot momma date night style, agree?

Now, move the point to the back and you're rocking' the Scout Knot.

Great for cover on sunny days touring the wine country or cool evenings eating al fresco.

This style works with casual outfits or dressy ones. You'll be turning heads!

How awesome is that three completely different looks and...

...these styles work with any size scarf!

We know you'll be rockin' it, beautiful.

Now all you have to do is go pick your scarf!