Thank You Note Etiquette

thank you note etiquetteAre you looking for small ways to leave a big impression?

Apply a little thank you note etiquette and watch the great response you’ll receive.

Handwritten notes are used so little these days, they are now viewed as “going the extra mile”.

Here’s quick thank you note etiquette guideline to follow to make a great impression every time

When to Send a Thank You Note

It is a very polite to express your gratitude when you are the recipient of a thoughtful gesture.

Here are a few circumstances to use a thank you guide:

  • When someone has done a favor for you
  • When someone has hosted you
  • When someone has been especially kind
  • After meeting with a customer
  • After an interview

The quicker you send a thank you note, the greater the impact on the recipient.

Want to make a big impact?

Send out thank you notes within 24-hours of the occasion.

Thank You Note Outline

The beauty of a thank you is that it doesn’t have to be long.

As a matter of fact, a thank you note structure is very simple.

Use the following as a guide to write a perfect note every time.

  1. Address the note to whom ever showed you the thoughtfulness.
  2. Express your gratitude.
  3. State how much the gesture means to you or how you will use the gift.
  4. Restate your gratitude.
  5. Include a salutation.
  6. Sign your name.

When you’re sending thank you notes to business relations, include a business card.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

Additional Etiquette Tips

In our electronic age, a handwritten thank you really stands out.

If you didn’t care for the gift, express your gratitude for the thoughtfulness.

A thank you note to a close friend should address them by their first name.

A thank you note to a business contact you don’t know well should start with, “Dear Ms. {last name}” or “Dear Mr. {last name}”.

Not only are you expressing your gratitude, you’re saying something about your personal brand.

What Next?

Thank you note etiquette has gone by the wayside and a simple 5-minute investment can make a huge impact on the recipient.

So, the next time someone does something nice for you after a meeting or event, send a thank you note.

You’ll leave a great impression and who knows what doors will open for you in the future as a result of your small effort!

Do you have any thank you note etiquette tips that work especially well for you?

Let me know in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!

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