What Makes Your Services Unique?

What Makes Your Services Unique

How are you different from your competition? What sets you apart? Not sure? Knowing what makes your services unique can help you connect with your current customers and attract new ones. We’re talking about your USP – Unique Selling … [Read more...]

Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

Why Do Your Customers Buy From You

Why do your customers buy from you? Do you know why your customers are actually your customers? The exact specifics. Do you know what motivated their purchases and why they keep coming back for your services? And, not going to your … [Read more...]

New Help for the Not So Perfect Sales Funnel

Help for the Not So Perfect Sales Funnel

Every business needs a sales funnel if they want to succeed in their marketing efforts. So many businesses do not create a plan when it comes to marketing. Instead they do what everyone else is doing or what they feel is easiest or … [Read more...]

The Power of Using Psychographics in Selling

Using Psychographics

Who are you selling to? Chances are, if you look at your customers, they have some commonalities. They share characteristics. For example, you might look at your customers and notice that they generally have the same income or annual … [Read more...]