Helping Solo-Business Owners Get Un-Stuck

Are you stuck?  A little frustrated trying to figure it all out on your own? I can help you.

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Marketing With Magnetism Marketing With Magnetism - Volume 101 - Cover

A Monthly Magazine especially designed for Solo-Business Owners
Easy to Apply Action Steps to Grow Your Business

  • Stop your endless hours of researching marketing strategies and start having time to promote your business.
  • Learn new techniques every month that will help you reach more of your target market.
  • Get specific action steps to implement into your marketing to increase your sales.

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Small Business Consulting

Smart Sales Strategies for the Self-Employed Small Business Owner

You’re finally to the point where you don’t want to guess anymore.

You’re finally to the point where you see how an investment in your business will pay off with a big ROI.

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A Business That Prospers Coaching Program

This program is specifically designed for Solo-Service Providers and Real Estate Agents.

  • Business owners who want to grow their business and are struggling for new strategies.
  • Business owners who are willing to put in the hard work required to build a VALUABLE business.
  • Business owners who want to build a reputable business.
  • Business owners who want to start out right with a plan that works for them.

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Theresa you are a true professional. So happy to have connected with you.
Liz Weber, Certified Management Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Author

I met with Theresa for an “authentic” one-on-one, and was blown away by her knowledge. She knocked my socks off with specifics! Not merely you-need-to-do-this instructions, but more to the effect of this-is-HOW-you-do-this. Instead of stopping at WHAT you need to do, Theresa actually provides you with an easy to follow road map…”
Kristine P., Brand Identity Designer

Theresa, the time I spent with you practicing interview skills and rewriting my resume were worth it. Your help was invaluable by preparing me for tough interviews. Thanks to your assistance I got the job!
Rich N., Hospital Diagnostic Sales Representative

Just wanted to thank you for the interview tips… The interview went well, I got a call yesterday to return Friday for the last one!
Mark S., Marketing Specialist

Thank you for collaborating with me on the refresher sales training for my sales representatives. The techniques are working and I’m already seeing great results!
Jim L., Regional Business Manager