Sales Skills

Sales SkillsEvery top performing sales professional has one thing in common..they are always sharpening their sales skills. They always have a ‘backup’ plan ready to go.


Because no matter how good you are at closing the deal, you can always refine your sales techniques and add to your skills. You need to, because your competitors are always trying to take business away from you.

As a sales professional you are always focusing on 2 major things:

  • Ranking higher in your Company
  • Dominating your market share in your territory

Of course you have a host of other concerns:

  • Knowing your product features and benefits
  • Staying up-to-date on your competitors
  • Keeping up with key opinion leaders
  • Getting exposure and recognition in your company as a top contributor
  • Managing your administrative responsibilities, etc.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve probably come across a lot of people who think, a sales professionals’ job is EASY. You know… you just go around all day “talking” to people. You just roll your eyes and say, “If you only knew.”

If they only knew how much time is takes to do this “easy” job. Analyzing, strategizing, organizing, studying, formulating, implementing the number of responsibilities are endless. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the task required of sales professionals.

How many times have you printed out what looked like a great article on sales skills and still haven’t had the chance to read it?

How many times have you thought of going to get a book on time management tips and still haven’t walked into the bookstore?

You want to improve your sales skills, but when do you have time?

How can you find time to be better at what you do?

The short simple answer…little by little.

We naturally can implement little chunks of information better than a big scoop.

You can successfully take 2-3 tips and make them a habit.

By doing this every week, you will have sharper sales skills, better time management techniques, improved communication prowess. Bottom line, you will sharpen all of the skills it takes to be a top performing sales professional.

And the cool thing is that all the other benefits with being a top performer will follow – having that special house in that certain neighborhood, traveling to places that before you could not afford and of course, providing for your family like you always hoped you could.

What next?

Get information that is specifically design for sales professionals in manageable chunks, so you can ACTUALLY put them to work for you!

Remember, sales professionals who are top performers year after year are always improving their sales skills.

  • Discover the proven methods to advance your career.
  • Get rid of your bad sales habits and learn sales skills that increase your closing rate.
  • Refine your skills, so you can be #1 in your Company.
  • Complete your admin tasks without eating into your evening or weekend too much.
  • Be prepared for every selling situation.
  • Convey charisma, confidence and competence every day!

You can do it, you can be a top performer! And it’s easier than you think, especially when you have help.

Get sales skills and techniques that will make a difference and get you results.

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Theresa Delgado
Career Development Strategist

Thank you for collaborating with me on the refresher sales training for my sales representatives. The techniques are working and I’m already seeing great results! – Jim L., Regional Business Manager