Resume Tips That Work for Salespeople

Resume TipsStanding out in a sea of 100+ resumes is hard. The screener is most likely only going to spend 15-20 seconds on your resume.

The purpose of your resume is to get you a telephone interview (phone screen) you’re dangling a carrot to get to the next step in the process.

Your resume needs to present your best skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

And, it needs to intrigue the resume screener in seconds.

Here are resume tips that will help you get the telephone interview.

{At the bottom is a Sales Resume Sample}

The Heading

Your heading should include your full name, address (city and state), phone number (the best one to reach you), email (if you’d like) and your Linkedin profile name.

You don’t/shouldn’t list every phone number that you have, just provide one number to reach you.

If you are concerned with identity theft, it’s fine to leave out your city. You could include something like “Greater {nearest big city} Area”.

Keep in mind, when applying for a sales position; they will most likely want someone who lives in the territory, so including a major city will help.


Your profile should list your three greatest accomplishments or areas of success in bulleted form.

You want to grab (dangle that carrot) the screener’s attention right away and give them a reason to look at the rest of your resume.

Listing your three most impressive items in an easy to read format will do that.


Your experience should include companies in reverse chronological order with employment dates.

In bulleted format under each position you should include your accomplishments.

Make them pop and easy to skim over by including numbers and percentages whenever possible.

This section is where many people tend to go on-and-on. Only include your best accomplishments, remember you’re dangling a carrot, so you can be passed on to the next stage.


Your education should list the school you received your degree and the type of degree you received

If you have any other licenses or certifications, list them below.

One Page or Two Pages

This question raises debates, so consider this…

If the resume screener is literally reviewing 100’s of resumes for each position and only spending 15 seconds on average on one resume, do you really think they are turning to the second page?

The answer is no.  They don’t have time.

Depending on the resume format they might even spend less than 15 seconds on a resume.

If you want the position, you have to keep in mind the purpose of your resume…to get the telephone screen.

Dangle your best carrots with strong, relevant, position targeted examples .

When you are called in for the face-to-face, if you really want to have a two-page resume, this is when you can present it.


Design your resume into visual columns and have enough white space to avoid appearing like an endless run-on sentence.

For the main text, use a font that is easy to read in small print, like Arial or Times New Roman. For headings and sub-headings Arial and Helvetica will work great.

Bold headings, company names and positions held.

Triple-check your grammar and spelling and have someone else proof it for errors too.

Don’t use a rainbow of colors, stick to black…you’re not scrapbooking.

Why? It’ll read easier.

Remember, the resume screener is reviewing 100’s of resumes.

If you make it hard for them to scan yours, you will not get the phone screen.

What Next

You could search the Internet for resume tips, however most are not specifically targeted to salespeople.  These resume tips are specifically designed for the sales professional to get to the next step in the interview process.

Following these resumes tips and keeping in mind the resume screener’s prospective will help you create a great resume that will earn you the telephone interview.

Do you have a question on what to include in your resume?

Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!
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PS: Here’s a Sales Resume Sample for you to use as a guide.

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