Networking on Linkedin: Tips That Open Doors for Salespeople

Networking on LinkedinThere is a ton of competition out there for sales professionals.  Standing apart from the crowd can be challenging.

However, there are very effective ways you can set yourself apart from the rest and get recognized for your expertise.  Networking on Linkedin is one.

Networking on Linkedin isn’t hard once you have a plan.

Here are four tips to get you started.

Utilize Keywords

Research the best keywords to describe your skills and expertise. Focus on five to use throughout your profile.

To get started on your keyword list explore Linkedin’s Skills list.

Supervisor Recommendations

Solicit recommendations from supervisors past and present.

Recommendations that get noticed are those that specifically state how you have gone above and beyond what was expected or required.

Linkedin makes it very easy to request a recommendation from your connections.

Join Industry Groups

Joining and participating in Groups in your industry is an excellent way to get recognized for your skills and expertise.

Leave comments that are well thought out and concise

You can build your credibility and your personal brand by participating professionally in Groups.

Participate in Answers

Linkedin Answers is another opportunity to establish your credibility in your field.

As in participating in Groups, your contributions in Answers should be professional and to the point.

Linkedin provides guidelines and tips to best use this great personal branding tool.

What Next

The best thing about networking on Linkedin is that you will find yourself among many people in your industry. You can strike up relationships and share strategies in a casual environment.

Most people find new opportunities not because they submitted their resume to dozens of companies, but because of whom they know.

If you don’t have a profile, get yourself one and start getting recognized for your expertise.

Did you have an unexpected door open for you because of Linkedin?

Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!
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PS: One more thing, take some time once a quarter to freshen it up your profile

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