How to Introduce Yourself

how to introduce yourselfIf you are out there meeting people professionally or socially, you need to know how to introduce yourself clearly and concisely.

Have you ever asked someone what they do and after they rambled on for 5 sentences, you still haven’t the foggiest idea?

My first thought after that happens is, “Did I doze off?  How rude, I need to play attention.”

You probably have the same thoughts, right?

Then, I ask a follow up question, hoping to get an idea…any idea.

Again, 5 more sentences and still I haven’t a clue.

Sound familiar?

You didn’t doze off and neither did I.

The individuals didn’t know how to properly introduce themselves.

There’s a saying to keep in mind for any messaging:

If you can’t fit your idea on the back of a business card you don’t have a clear idea. – Unknown

So, let’s talk about how to introduce yourself clearly and concisely so it fits on the back of a business card.

Who Are You?

First tings first, your name.

People tend to miss the first part of any introduction simply because it’s the first thing out of your mouth.

To help them remember your name, repeat it twice.

For example: Hi, I’m Theresa, Theresa Delgado.

If someone is introducing you, they have probably already said your name in the introduction.

This situation is even better because when you go to shake hands, you’ll repeat your name twice and then the individual has heard your name 3 times.

Three repetitions of any information increase the chances of the message being remembered.

At first this method might seem a bit awkward, however after practicing a couple of times, saying your name twice during an introduction will be natural.

What Is Your Title?

This is the part that throws people for a loop.

For this part simply state your title.

Back to our business card concept, what title is below your name on your business card (calling card)?

This should only be a couple of words.

For example: I’m a Career Development Strategist.

Some titles might not be as well known as others, but that’s OK.

During introductions, people are used to hearing a title after a persons name.  Even if it is a little out of the norm, just state your title as it appears in your business card.

Who Do You Help & How?

Here’s the part where if you go on and on, you’re going to lose people.

To nail this, it is going to take some thought and practice.

Think about whom your market is, this will help you define whom you help.

Answer this, “I help ____________.”

For example: I help company-employed and self-employed salespeople.

One sentence, and not a 50 word sentence either. 😉

Next, how do you help them?  Keep it short and to the point.

Answer this, “I help {people you help} ____________.”

For example: I help salespeople advance and manage their career.

Where people go wrong in conveying the “who do you help and how” is that they want to provide way too much detail.

Think about what you want to say, what is the most important point?

Providing too much information will overwhelm people.

Provide information in a clear and concise format and people will want to learn more about you.

What Next?

You now have a clear and concise way to introduce yourself professionally and socially.

Write it down (on the back of a business card ;)) and practice it.

You might have to tweak the wording to fit the way you naturally speak.

When you begin using this format to introduce yourself, people will know exactly who you are, who you help, and how.

The bigger benefit…you’ll encounter more prospects!

Why?  Because your network will be clear on what you do and know who to refer your way.

Now you know how to introduce yourself clearly and concisely so it fits on the back of a business card.  This is also known as an elevator pitch.

Would you include anything else?

Let me know in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!

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