What is the Proper Handshake Etiquette When Seated?

Business etiquette tips for proper handshake etiquetteProper handshake etiquette is fairly straightforward.

You see someone you know you shake her hand.

You’re introduced to someone you shake her hand.

The image you project when you are meeting an individual for the first time is long lasting.

Your initial handshake is very important for making a great first impression.


Question: Is it OK to stay seated when you’re introduced and shake hands from a seated position?

What’s Proper Handshake Etiquette When Seated?

No, actually it’s not OK to stay seated when you’re introduced.

It’s proper manners to stand when meeting someone for the first time.

In addition to standing, make sure to smile and make eye contact.

What about if…

There’s No Room to Stand

Maybe you’re at a business meeting at a restaurant and seated at a booth with people sitting on both sides of you.

To stand would require the people, at least on one side of you, to move causing a bit of an awkward situation.

If you find that there’s not enough room, then it’s OK partially stand and shake hands.

To add an extra bit of manners, say something like,

“Excuse me for not standing, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The individual will see that you are making an effort to be polite.

There are many ways to make a lasting first impression and taking the time to stand and shake hands always shows great manners.

Proper handshake etiquette is just one factor in building rapport with customers and other business contacts.

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