A Coaching Course Design Specifically




How many times have you said,

“If I could only talk to someone who understands the challenges of a small business.”

How many times have you thought,

“I could sure use the advice of someone who knows what’s worked for others in my shoes.”

How many times have you wondered,

“Is this the best strategy to take, or am I wasting my efforts?”


Don’t waste time struggling for new ways to increase your sales.

Build A Business That Prospers!


You put in the long hours, day after day, you’re used to hard work. However, sometimes you don’t know if you’re doing the right kind of hard work.

You’re finally to the point where you don’t want to guess anymore.

You’re finally to the point where you see how an investment in your business will pay off with a big ROI.

Stop struggling and start moving forward.

Start maximizing your efforts and your revenue!

Athletes have coaches, mentors, and advisors to help them excel.
Why not you, too?


Who’s This For?

This program is specifically designed for Entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and are struggling for new strategies.
  • Entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the work required to build a VALUABLE business.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a reputable business.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start out right with a plan that works for them.


What You’ll Get?

  • Methods that work to grow your reputable business.
  • Strategies that build stronger relationships with your clients.
  • Tactics that you can easily implement right now and start seeing results.

You’ll take away Action Steps that you can take to stay on track in the class and get the results you want!

This will help very much for those of you who love checklists and following directions.



  • 6-month training program done by video classes, so you can watch where you want, when it’s convenient for you.
  • Action Worksheets with specific directions to help you implement the strategies and grow your business.


What Can You Expect?

  • Straightforward recommendations to implement even with your busy schedule.
  • Proven strategies that work to grow your business.
  • Building your authority as an expert in your market.
  • Leveraging free tools to minimize your costs.
  • Growing on your client base, so they start so send you referrals (the best type of advertising).

No hocus-pocus, “things will change overnight”,
no work involved, nonsense here.

A REAL business doesn’t work that way.


How Coaching is Structured?

  • Modern Business Training Videos which focus on specific business building concepts to implement.
  • Action Worksheets to help you implement the training modules lessons.
  • Access to me to ask specific questions regarding your business needs.


What You’ll Walk Away With?

  • A guide to take activities that are working for you to the next level.
  • A strategy that helps you maximize areas where you are excelling.
  • A blueprint on how to fix what’s not working for you.
  • A plan to tackle areas you need to counter.

You’ll have a doable Plan of Action to grow your business.

You’ll take away new proven sales and marketing strategies to incorporate into your business plan to maximize your efforts.


You knocked my socks off with specifics! Not merely you-need-to-do-this instructions, but more to the effect of this-is-HOW-you-do-this.”
– Kristine Putt, Brand Identity Designer

Thanks for challenging me to do what’s not comfortable.
– Al Williamson, Landlord Consultant

It was that first step that made all the difference in the world. Once I got started I thought about all you taught and really got going – and then I was all like “oh man this is so good, why do I do this to myself?”
– Meilani MacDonald, Brand Identity & Outreach Strategy Consultant


What To Do Next?

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P. S.: Bonus Benefits

Your life is not only about growing your business and many days you probably find it challenging to juggle all is expected of you, right? Well you don’t have to go it alone!

In addition, to providing you the steps to grow your business you’ll also get support for dealing with everyday life situations, like staying motivated when you want to give up and balancing work and home responsibilities.

Do you cringe at having to think about setting and organizing goals, much less completing them? Or do you throw your arms up when it comes to getting all you have to do done, you know the so frequently dreaded “time management”?

I’m here to help you with that too! As part of this business coaching program, you’ll also receive support and ways to manage all these areas of your life. No more being stuck and not moving forward. You can build a successful business, have clear direction and enjoy your hard work!

Let’s Get Your Business Growing!

There’s no pressure. If you decide this program is not worth more to you than one of your favorite daily beverages, just cancel anytime. No questions asked.

You are agreeing to be a participant of The Modern Business Academy Coaching program which is a month to month program. You may start and stop your participation at any time. You will be billed in 30-day increments automatically.