Business Etiquette

Business EtiquetteDon’t you just hate not knowing the correct business etiquette in situations when a number of your work colleagues are present?

You start to feel embarrassed, then nervous that you will do something that will make you look “not so bright”.

You start looking around to see what others are doing maybe you could just follow someone else’s lead.  Only to realize that you notice others doing the same…who’s going to make the first move?

No worries, someone has your back!

It’s hard to keep up with so many etiquette rules.  No body know what to do in every possible situation.  How can you!?

What you CAN do is have a great foundation of proper business etiquette.

Have some basic “dos and don’ts” in your back pocket and expand on that little by little.

Basic etiquette skills don’t change, but…

What does change, etiquette that relates to new factors in our changing world.

For instance, etiquette reeled to job searching is very different now than it was 10 years ago.  It’s a whole new ball game and to work through the process and achieve a successful outcome, you must know how and what employers expect from job applicants.

Or here’s another one, do you know the proper way to eat soup?

Many people don’t put a lot of effort into business etiquette and it shows.

They lack charisma and are perceived as uneducated.  Colleagues and clients don’t want to interact with loud, obnoxious people. As a result, these individuals have a real hard time building rapport, growing their prospect list and increasing sales.

Proper Business EtiquetteSo, how do you measure up?

Wouldn’t it be great to be the person your peers look to for the proper actions to take?

Wouldn’t it be great to be the person who people refer to as having “that certain something”?

Wouldn’t it be great to convey charisma, confidence and competence every day?

In every business situation?

Well, that’s what you can find here…business etiquette basics to help YOU shine.

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Theresa Delgado | Sales Skills that Actually Work!
Theresa Delgado
Career Development Strategist

I met with Theresa for an “authentic” one-on-one, and was blown away by her knowledge. She knocked my socks off with specifics! Not merely you-need-to-do-this instructions, but more to the effect of this-is-HOW-you-do-this. Instead of stopping at WHAT you need to do, Theresa actually provides you with an easy to follow road map…” – Kristine Putt, Brand Identity Designer